What we do

Being a non-executive board member is becoming a ‘camel’s nose’. Expectations, responsibilities, duties, required skills and liabilities are continuing to rise. At the same time, there is no significant evolution in the functioning around supervisory boards in a two-tier structure. As Executives profit from professional support and corporate secretaries, and, for example, a Works Council is facilitated with its own support, experts and financial resources, such facilities remain very limited for the average supervisory board in a two-tier structure.

Non-executive information and secretarial support

Corporate Board Support (Raadsondersteuning) wants to make a major contribution in supporting non-executives facing these fundamental changes in the non-executive profession. We provide Governance Support on demand tailored to non-executive boards in The Netherlands. 

Advantages non-executive board support

  • State of the art information support (including digitalisation).
  • Relieve of non-core tasks.
  • Support is scalable in engagement (ad hoc); only present if necessary.
  • Prevents conflicts of interest for the secretary of both the non-executive and executive board.
  • Provides capacity to companies that want to keep the size of the corporate staff limited.
  • Keeping up to date with best practices in specific sector and at similar organizations.

Support in extraordinary circumstances

Extraordinary circumstances warrant some kind of board support even more. When strategic reassessment, structural change, reorganization, merger and acquisition or unexpected disputes and conflicts in the organization (e.g. between the boards) or (civil and criminal) liability, conflicting interests, fraud, (reputation) damage and crisis management arise, non-executive boards require support to handle the increased workload and complexity. Very often also to be more independent in times of distress and diverting interests between the executives and non-executives. We provide this support.

We are more than happy to elaborate on who we are and what we do.